The flower blooms, the dew fades,

the little one yawns as nature awakes.

Morning light shines on her,

clear blue sky smiles through the window.

She remembers you.

Your dark brown eyes, your loving smile,

your caressing touch, your early morning surprise.

The walk in the rain, the rendezvous at the cafe,

irreplaceable, unforgettable.

She misses you.

She longs for the day to turn into night,

Hoping you’d appear in her dreams and make it a happy sight.

A touch of you can bring back her smile,

A word from you can lift her spirit high!

Please come back to hear the truth,

don’t you delay as time is running out.

She needs to speak – but only to you.

She wants to say how much she loves you,

because she only remembers you!

– Mellifluousmurmurs.


The lingering scent..

 Visual Prompt 2 — Title Unknown, Diane Arbus

I saw you again that evening. This time our eyes met. I could not let go of the urge and attraction that I felt when we glanced at each other. Something about those few seconds was special.

My heart quietly wished that you approach me for a dance before the night ends. I finished dinner and the good-byes.  I grazed past you and the scent of your cologne captivated me. I felt incomplete to leave – but I had to.

Basked in your fragrance, I stepped out of the banquet hall and walked down the staircase to reach the exit hallway. Engrossed in your thoughts, the purse string slipped through my fingers and fell on the floor. I stooped to pick it up and instead of my purse, a pair of shiny leather shoes awaited me.

I instantly looked up. Your bright blue eyes looked straight into mine. I felt you could see through my soul! Mesmerized by your charm, I was at a complete loss of words – I could not even utter a courteous ‘thank you’.  As I hastily took the purse from your hand, you continued to follow every move of mine. I wanted to run away – I turned back cursing myself for not being able to say anything to you.

Your strong arms wrapped around me from behind. I felt this touch was all I ever waited for. You drew me close and held me tight. Your warm breath kissed my neck. My heart raced and I was almost short of breath! I could not stop smiling. My imagination made me feel embarrassed, I blushed. I could not even look at you. The smell of your cologne lingered in the air and made me feel complete.


This was another attempt to write a story based on a picture prompt. Hope you enjoyed! Beautiful image prompts can be found on Indigo Spiders blog.. which you can read here. Thank you for stopping by!