The worth of a relation

              For most couples, the dating years are extremely romantic. Everything appears rosy, lovely, filled with expensive gifts and they decide to get married. First year of marriage – life is all about first this, first that, first blah, first bleu and o yes, those Facebook pages are brimming […]

Where the mind is without fear..

Sharing one of my favorite poems composed by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. This used to be our school prayer in India. So, I feel a rather special connection to this poem. As I grow older, the meaning of this poem becomes more clear to me and I’ve begun to appreciate the profoundness of his thoughts. […]

Receiving the Candle Lighter Award

I am honored and excited to be a receiver of the Candle Lighter Award. Sunshine, while viewing my post, “Questions that make you think” decided to pass on this award to me. I am deeply touched, Sunshine. Thank you so much. First, let me tell you more about this blog award, created by Kate. Here’s […]