The flower blooms, the dew fades,

the little one yawns as nature awakes.

Morning light shines on her,

clear blue sky smiles through the window.

She remembers you.

Your dark brown eyes, your loving smile,

your caressing touch, your early morning surprise.

The walk in the rain, the rendezvous at the cafe,

irreplaceable, unforgettable.

She misses you.

She longs for the day to turn into night,

Hoping you’d appear in her dreams and make it a happy sight.

A touch of you can bring back her smile,

A word from you can lift her spirit high!

Please come back to hear the truth,

don’t you delay as time is running out.

She needs to speak – but only to you.

She wants to say how much she loves you,

because she only remembers you!

– Mellifluousmurmurs.


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