With love to you..

I am so touched and honored that Christine and Kate Kresse nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. I am thankful to you both for considering my posts – Hope & Launch worthy of this honor. I’m also grateful to Kate and Knot2share for the Hug Award. It feels wonderful. Thank you so much.

I am passing on the Hug Award to Belinda and wishing her strength and happiness in life.

The rule for the Versatile Blogger Award is : To tell 7 things about myself, and pass it along to 15 bloggers.

Here I go!

  1. I’m a dreamer – starting from perfect relationships to a perfect world – i dream about almost everything!
  2. I love to paint using water colors.
  3. I believe in co-operation and not competition.
  4. I feel “truly happy” when I am the reason behind someone’s smile!
  5. I hate to wear cosmetics and high heels (Sorry- please don’t get offended – it’s just who I am).
  6. I cherish simple food – but I do indulge in not so ‘simple food’ quite often 😛
  7. I talk to my dog and we love listening to Yanni 🙂

I am passing on the Versatile Blogger award to the following bloggers. They are unique in their writing styles, approach towards life and/or photography skills. I admire each one of them for their individualism.

First, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all that being a full time doctoral student, a wife and a mom to a 2 y r old doggie – I may not have found the time to read your posts everyday and/or shared my comments each time but whenever I did, I found your blogs to be special. If you do not choose to accept this award, I would fully respect your decision. I find your blogs very interesting and this is just a way to convey my best wishes to you 🙂

  1. Susan @ http://tostir.wordpress.com –  I have been in love with the name of her blog “to stir” ever since I came across it! I admire every image she posts, every quote she selects. In one word, “inspiring”! Thank you 🙂
  2. Rommel @ http://sophomorejinx.wordpress.com/ – Sweet and simple blog filled with love and amazing travel photography!
  3. Jo Bryant @ http://jobryantnz.wordpress.com/ – She is truly versatile in her writing and photography.
  4. Cecilia @ http://ceceliafutch.wordpress.com – All about celebrating life!
  5. Arindam @ http://arindammohapatra.wordpress.com – Even though I recently came across his blog, I could connect to his writing. He is very direct in his approach and I appreciate the honesty in his posts.
  6. Andrew @ http://bluedrew.wordpress.com/ – One of the first blogs I chose to follow. When I read Andrew’s blog, I felt like I was talking to someone about current affairs in politics. He writes exceedingly well about the current political situation in the country and the best part is, he puts forward his point of view on each topic. Very interesting.
  7. Belinda @ http://bigsurwriter.wordpress.com/– I came across her blog while participating in Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily Post and her willingness to be a writer is what amazed me. Her writing is clean, crisp and very appealing.
  8. Andy @ http://dragoneystory.wordpress.com/ – I’ve been following Andy’s blog for a while now. I enjoy his way of writing about life’s experiences in combination with photography.
  9. Nandini @ http://nandinidhiman.wordpress.com/ – An eye for detail? Well, totally. She captures “life” in her photography.
  10. Addie @ http://justbeingthoughtful.wordpress.com/ – One word for her blog is “simplicity”! She writes about the simplest things in life but makes it very interesting.
  11. Amit @ http://personalconcerns.wordpress.com – I think we are almost the same age and I really appreciate his views about life. Not many people of our generation think so deeply anymore!
  12. Isobel @ http://isobelandcat.wordpress.com/ – She used to work as a journalist and I think she does a wonderful job in keeping her readers entertained! I enjoy her posts.
  13. Cee Neuner @ http://ceeslifephotographyblog.wordpress.com/ – Her post Living with Lyme brought tears to my eyes and every time I visit her blog, I feel inspired. She is a blessed photographer.
  14. Knot2share @ http://knot2share.wordpress.com/ – I started to connect with her through Sunday Picture Press and have always found her posts very energetic and full of new ideas!

And..finally, last but not the least,

15. I would like to pass on the versatile award to a wonderful person & gifted writer, who inspired me to write my first ever short story –  Marita aka Indigospider @ http://www.indigospider.org/

Look forward to keeping in touch with all of you and wish you the best! Thank you 🙂

47 thoughts on “With love to you..

  1. Congrats on the Versatile Blogger Award!!! Well deserved. Thanks so much for passing the nomination on to me. Such an honor and thrill. I’m so glad you like my photography!!! Blessings Cee

  2. so beautifully written, you have filled me with anticipation about reading all these exciting blogs … it is so good to discover new writers and photographers … well done 🙂 and good luck with your studies (which area?) … it is a long hard slog to gain that PhD … just enjoy every moment! Christine

  3. Well-deserved MM. You have a lovely and varied blog.
    Thank-you very much for passing the award to me. I am truly grateful. As I still haven’t passed on the same award from December, I am going to combine both. Thank-you again.

  4. Congratulations and thank you, MM. You have no idea what your timing is like, but you sent me this just as I’m coming off of my longest time away from my blog in over a year, for reasons that will be explained. It means a great deal. Again, thank you.


  5. Hey, This is too sweet of you! Congratulations on the award and you deserve it and more, dear. Thank you so much for adding my to the list. I feel honoured too. I think the soft spoken voice of your posts and the warmth here is what attracts me to visit and read your posts. Hats off to your motivation! My brain froze looong back! Good luck with your Doctorate in Biomedical Engg.

    Also, would you mind telling me how you managed to post the badge POSTAWEEK 2012? I have forgotten how I did the one last year !

    • hahaha! I’m sure your brain is still working perfect, just give it a shot if you’d like to! If I can, trust me..everyone can!
      You will find the image here. First, I saved the image to my media library and then inserted the corresponding link on the image widget. Let me know if this helped. I read your post that says “Shree moley”..so is it Srimoli? (Inquisitive since I’m a Bengali and it is such a cute bengali name! – don’t write it here – just give me a hint, I’ll keep guessing, haha)

      • Thank you for those instructions. They worked!!

        Why am I not surprised to know that you are a Bengali! I think all Bengalis are skilled in their writing skills. No wonder….too gud! I love to listen to Bengali and so truly it is the most beautiful and sweet sounding language. There are a few things that I enjoy a lot in life – listening to French speaking English (I find that so sweet and am dying to learn to speak like them!), listening to British, Scottish and Irish accents (love doing them too and have tried to immitate but can never get it 😦 …, listening to Bengali (another sweeet language! I understand nothing but almost feels like I am talking to my cuddly teddy bear 🙂 ).

        So now you know that I am not a Bengali :-). But there is one big similarity between us, I am told. Keep working on ‘Shree moley’, I am sure you will find the answer…hehe..! By the way, did not know Srimoli is a bengali name. It does sound cute.

          • Oh dear! It appears that you did not read my “shree moley” post properly!! :-(…..
            OK hint – the similarity is in the food.

                • can’t believe it! double threat this time.
                  hmm.. u said grandparents in kerala..ooo! konkani it is! ps pls pls, hopefully its right! otherwise, in my next comment – i will name all possible languages i know! hahaha.

                  • Ohhhh nailbiting finish…… nearly….few more yards to go! Like our Indian team who kept us on the edge for that last one run in the final over of the 20-20 match two days ago with Australia. This reminds me of something else too. As a child, always it used to be mum who served everything on the plate and gave it to me, to eat. I would eat everything around the portion that I didn’t like. You are close-er! Now tell me the names of all possible languages you know :-).

                    Grandparents from Kerala…so I am?

  6. Congrats to you! 🙂 And I really really appreciate that you chose me for this. Thanks very much. 🙂 I really liked what you have chosen to write for my blog, loved it! 🙂

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  8. I am flattered to the core. The description even. I wouldn’t think that my blog is a photography type, but others have somehow appreciate it as it is. Thank You, Thank You so much for the recognition.

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  11. I’d say thank you for thinking of me so kindly but I love Rommell’s response so much I’m going to pirate it (with credit): I am flattered to the core 🙂 . . . humbled. We’re all spreading inspiration — it’s a beautiful thing!

  12. Congrats on all your awards – they speak to the joy and insights you provide that enrich so many lives. I am totally with you on cooperation vs competition, too.
    So best wishes (belatedly) to you. Enjoy your day in the sun once more 🙂

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