To you, from me..

It is hard to forget some feelings, erase some memories, give up and not remember certain people. I am reminded of some incidents today that made me think about the people associated with them. In the following three paragraphs, i will write a short message to each one of them. I will not name anyone but I’ll be honest and just write. None of them will ever read this blog, none of them will ever find out. Such a loser i am, right? Doesn’t matter, i need to vent it out.

  1. I grew up wanting to be like “you”. But as I grew older, I realized I no longer wanted to be like you in many ways. I wish I could make you say sorry to someone. I wish God gave you the power to go back in time and erase those moments from our lives. If you could, things would be a lot different, right? Happier, may be? But, you know what, I still love you. I still find my strength in you and admire you for the good things you’ve taught me. I will still wait for you to say sorry to her someday. I pray for it  everyday..and one day, I believe you will.
  2. You define happiness. You’ve taught me to forgive and move on. You’ve taught me to find happiness in the smallest of things. I feel rejuvenated to see are my sunshine.
  3. I have a weird relation with you. I always told you to not do ‘one’ thing in particular. But unknowingly, you did. I don’t know where to start or end. I will miss you in my life. I wish you the best even though you don’t need it!                    ....if only you realized.

2 thoughts on “To you, from me..

    • Thank you so much, Kate. This feels wonderful. I’m so amazed at the way things shape up in life. I was feeling so low..and all of a sudden, you gave me a bouquet of happiness. Loved it, many thanks.

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