…after so long!

    …. logged on to my blog after 49 days! I don’t know where to start today.  I missed blogging so much! Alright, first – a deep breath. I couldn’t blog for several reasons. I was preparing for my doctoral candidacy exam. Not to forget, the semester final exams were going on too. Then of course, I had presentations related to coursework and research. And amidst all this in the professional front, I had to manage the darling hubby and doggy at home 🙂 Phew!

    The past month and a half was tough..had to study over 12 hours in the weekends too. This left me no time to communicate with family/friends either! So even if I could steal a half hour break, I dedicated it to the people around me. Instead of logging on to my blog, I chose to go on a quick drive and dinner with my husband, or spend time on a phone conversation with a friend who’s battling a tough time or gave my four legged baby some belly rub! But all’s well that ends well. I passed the defense with lots of good compliments and appreciation. So, professionally – I am happy!

    But, all’s not well. We lost a close family member the day before my proposal defense. A close uncle, who was only 52. I have no word to console my two young cousins and his wife. Will write more about my feelings in a few days. But that’s what life has been lately. 

    Last but not the least, I extend a big thank you to all who continued to visit and follow mellifluousmurmurs and were concerned as to why I could not post for so long. Love and regards to all of you. Will post in a few days again.


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