The call of duty

Visual Prompt 5 — “Tilt Shift” by Eric Alder

Freezing cold. Overcast sky. First Lieutenant Justin stepped off his carrier vessel. Audrey looked at him from across the bridge and waved. She tied her beautiful long hair into a careless ball; walked back into the room and added a big piece of wood to the fireplace. Like always, she poured the freshly brewed coffee in two mugs.

Her beautiful eyelashes battled a tear. Minutes ago, she overheard the conversation where Justin was being transferred to another country within the next 16 hours. A state of emergency has been declared – the meat of every television and radio broadcast. She knew he had no choice..yet the heart could not agree.

As he entered the room, the aroma of fresh coffee beans soothed him. He looked at her, “You know right, Audy?” ..  She kept silent. It was only a week ago that they planned to be united in marriage on the 12th day of the next month. Now she knew he will not be back before 6 months to say the least.

She spoke softly, “I do..Justin..we have 16 hours only “.

“We have just the next hour, Audy “, Justin replied in haste.

“I have to attend a briefing at 1900 and then several meetings upto 2300 that will define my new responsibilities. I think its over, Audy.. will you please explain to our parents?”, a heroic, valiant Justin teared up. “You know, we live for a bigger cause, Aud.. that’s what united us in the first place.. This is the time when we have to think beyond ourselves”.

She had less than an hour to hear him, see him, feel him. She wanted the world to stop right there..she yearned for the clock to stop ticking. She did not know where to start or what to talk at that moment. Suddenly everything else in life became was the call of duty! “I will Lieutenant, I will.  We will delay it. But please don’t say it’s over. Let’s hold on..” Tears streamed down her cheeks.  Justin held her close and they kissed.  “You will be with me always, Aud..I can never let you go..”

“Doctor..we have an emergency..”, the young Sergeant stormed into the room. Audrey wore her white coat and ran out. With one last glance, tear filled eyes, a disappointed heart but with a soldier’s pride, she recited “Who Dares, Wins. Who Sweats, Wins. Who Plans, Wins.” “You will always be mine..I love you forever, Justin”.

“I love you too, Aud”.. I only hope to see you again.


This was a short story based on the above picture prompt. Hope you enjoyed! Beautiful image prompts can be found on Indigo Spiders blog.. which you can read here. Thank you for stopping by!


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