One last time…in your eyes

Visual Prompt 2 — Autumn by Sican

It feels as though time re-winded itself and I am a child again. I am so happy that I will be able to ‘see’ in a few days.  After a decade long wait, the doctors have received a suitable donor for me and decided to perform the eye transplant. I am expecting to be home in a few days.

Very soon, I will be able to connect the familiar smells and voices to their respective faces; they will no longer remain imaginary souls. The joy and excitement of stepping into my home and discerning the beautiful faces of my adopted children,hugging my adorable dogs, admiring the colors in my garden, driving along the less traveled roads..fills me with boundless happiness.

You made me extremely happy last week by saying that you were coming to visit me. You sounded so excited to take me for a walk in the park and show me the beautiful colors of the season.. I am already imagining how heavenly it must be looking! And did you also say that you wanted to surprise me?

For the last so many years..I waited for the perfect moment to tell you. Yet I never could..but today when I see you, I will. I promise. I am so elated with the hope of a new beginning. I want to start afresh. But this time, only with you. I felt the warmth of your breath on my forehead. Did you read my mind? How did you know I was thinking about you? But I can’t hear your voice. Why aren’t you talking? Uh..and why did you blindfold me? I want to see you and drown in your eyes. Why are you not replying?

I felt the sun peep through the foliage on my shoulders. Fearlessly, I held your hand. More than anything else, I was happy to know you were by my side.  As we walked in the park, a gentle breeze blew some of the maple leaves on my shoulders and as I turned to the side to clear them away, I saw that each leaf had our names written on them! Bewildered, I turned around and asked “Is this the surprise you planned?”

You were no longer there..

I couldn’t find you anywhere. You left me amidst the vibrant fall foliage with unsaid words in my mind and beautiful leaves with our names imprinted on them! Slowly, a strange peace engulfed me..I felt like I was sinking. Were you there at all? Or did we never meet? But I did feel you, right?

Two days later, he received a postal mail from the eye surgeon which said……


This was my first attempt to write a story based on a picture prompt. Hope you enjoyed! Beautiful image prompts can be found on Indigo Spiders blog.. which you can read here. Thank you for stopping by!


24 thoughts on “One last time…in your eyes

  1. OMG! This completely blew me away. Beautifully written. I can’t believe this is your first attempt…Keep them coming please. Loved it and thanks for the visit too.

  2. You are quite welcome and I hope you read this today (Sunday) because I would love to use your photo “Comfort” for today’s challenge! I don’t know how I missed that beautiful photo. I would, of course, give you full credit and point everyone here as the source, but please, may I use it for this weeks Sunday Picture Press?

  3. I loved this! Such a beautiful picture and writing. Not too keen on the ending, but that’s ok. Leaves room for more if you so choose. 🙂

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