In life some people, some moments, some relations leave a deep impression on us. Impressions that are not mere footprints but much more than that. We mold ourselves to cater to their demands, their happiness, their ways. And then one fine day, you realize that ‘you’ were just a fleeting ‘moment’ in their lives. You may have dearly placed them in your life..but to them, you were nothing but an evanescent phase. You want to hold them close, but it’s not meant to be. The sooner you realize, the less it will hurt you, probably.

I miss home today.


4 thoughts on “Random..

  1. You are right. We all go through these moments I think. Even I wrote something random on my blog a long time back. I don’t know what to say now but I can totally feel your solitude.

    Here’s a smile 🙂

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