As you float..

I never knew you. I never prayed to receive you. I never wanted you.  But you were a gift. So, i treasured you. I kept you in a little box. Looked after you everyday. Loved you with all my life.

I knew it was like holding a fistful of sand..the harder I tried to hold, the faster you will slip away. So, I just waited for time to take you away.

Today is that day. Even though I knew someday you will be gone, I chose not to believe it. Now i realize, you are no more.

With no inhibitions, with no expressions, with nothing on my mind, I see you float away. The waves are taking you with them, to their land. My stare is like a blind man’s gaze. I am staring into oblivion. The gift is gone. Alas! ‘You’ are gone.

You don’t even realize. You won’t even realize. Because I will never make you realize! I only hope to see you another time, another day amidst the turbulent waves!


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