Do you blog anonymously or as “yourself”? why?

The beauty of the sky! Clouds strewn all over..who creates it? Who chooses these colors?

Some things are better left to our imagination.. otherwise what are we left to “wonder” about?

Before this word-press site, I blogged with my real name  and so, I decided to try something different while creating this one! I chose to remain anonymous.  I wanted only a few people to know who I am. I wanted to step into a world which didn’t go by names.. I wanted to connect with people from a different perspective in life. So far, I have not felt any major difference..just that people who visit or comment do not know me personally. Doesn’t mean I am trying to hide..just that I want to feel fresh. I believe that through regular reading and sharing comments, a relationship is formed between the blogger and the visitor, which certainly helps to understand the person behind the words! I find this journey very exciting! 

Sharing a beautiful quote on being anonymous: “Giving is most blessed and most acceptable when the donor remains completely anonymous”.. 


7 thoughts on “Do you blog anonymously or as “yourself”? why?

  1. “Doesn’t mean I am trying to hide..just that I want to feel fresh.”

    I agree with you! Blogging anonymously has a way to make me feel refresh too! I guess it’s because we don’t have to meet the expectations of people who know us, and we can be just ourselves. 😀 And it’s a good way to have anew set of friends! I think that through blogging, I also found friends, from all over the world!. 😀

  2. Hi Andrew, thank you for sharing your thought. You are probably right..I think it is dependent on the topic we decide to write on..if it is personal, a pseudoname just allows more easier flow of words!

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