People are too dependent on technology: agree or disagree?

O yes, people are way too dependent on technology. On a lighter note, this is the instant coffee and Facebook generation. Its all about ipads, iphones and digital love. Someone rightly said that once upon a time, apples and blackberries were only delicious fruits! We are living in a generation where kids tend to perform simple math on calculators rather than count in their heads. Even a couple on their first date updates their status every few minutes on social networking sites. Everything has to happen very fast.  I guess even talking over phone has reduced so much. We love emails and text messages. Everyone has a common problem – so much to do, so little time! We hardly have time to cook, so we feast on frozen food – come back from work, heat, eat and relax! While eating, we gape at the large screen, so that the brain can focus entirely on the tv show and not care about the taste buds 😛

But then technology has improved so much in life! Roads, transportation, communication systems, medical infrastructure, education systems, hospitals, electronics.. the list is endless. Life has improved so much than the older times. If there’s no electricity and water supply for a few days, will our lives be the same? Never! Indeed we are dependent on technology! But too much of nothing is good, so we have to be careful about utilizing it in the right way.


2 thoughts on “People are too dependent on technology: agree or disagree?

  1. Technology is so convenient, we have to admit that, but despite the easy emails and texts, I do long for the occassional handwritten letters and cards, and phone calls.

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