Describe your dream house

Away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan life. Mostly countryside with lots of greenery or close to a lake.  White fencing around the house, quite a large yard for our dogs to run around. A dog house on one end. Closed parking garage. A large living room with a beautiful wall to wall shelving system for books. A grand piano at the other end. A fireplace. Comfy couches, a bean bag and a recliner for the hubby. A mini bar. No TV.

TV room should strictly be in the basement and it should have a large screen or a projector to make it look like a theater! A formal dining room to one side of the kitchen. Nice open layout of the kitchen with a breakfast nook. Four bar stools. Tall windows. Plenty of sunlight. A small prayer area facing the north east. I would love to keep it simple, neat and beautiful. A study room with minimal furniture – a small book shelf and a comfortable writing desk. Upstairs, one master bedroom with attached double bath, one room for the children and 2 guest rooms. Parents should often visit. We love to have them over! 

All walls should have light colors,  simple decor, nothing extravagant, no clutter. Should be peaceful, filled with love and sounds of laughter. May be the children’s room will have some bright colors or cartoons and stickers on the walls! We’ll see once they come into existence! hahaha. Oh, a game room is important too. In the basement, may be next to the TV room where the hubby’s friends can go. I better make place for a carrom board and a ping pong table, to say the least. Wow, I guess I am done here.

Once I finish my doctorate, we would love to buy our first home. Let this be ours 🙂

Photo courtesy: Sujin Jetkasettakorn


7 thoughts on “Describe your dream house

  1. I can imagine your dream house from what you wrote….and am seeing lots of space. I like it!

    Dream about it, put your efforts into it, then you’ll make it happen one day!

  2. Good luck finishing your doctorate and in obtaining your dream home. I’ve owned enough houses, so I’m burned out on material ‘stuff’, including houses. For me,
    ample storage space, a sensible floor plan, an internet connection, and maybe a fireplace and a small lofty area to add a little coziness to the picture would work. Throw in a carport and a decent yard with enough sunlight for a garden, and I’d be a happy camperette, especially with a clear deed to said property. Bells and whistles are nice, but I honestly don’t want anymore space than I need.

    • I agree completely with what you wrote. I can clearly sense the clarity in your thoughts because of your experiences in life. To tell you the truth, it’s been a while I wrote this post and today when I read it again, I felt no need of the enormous space that I dreamt of earlier. As time passes by, we grow and develop into more mature beings and our priorities begin to change, isn’t it? Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed it!

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