Miss Pujo

As Mahalaya ushers in the aura of Durga Pujo, my mind flies back to the childhood days of “pujor chuti”. Being miles away from the city of joy, I can only imagine how beautifully Kolkata is decorated now, the skilled artistes are offering their final touches on the pandals, for some pandals the deities have just arrived, the local tv channels are broadcasting only pujo news, last minute shopping going on for some teenagers, groups of friends planning reunions, pujo-meets  and and and the roads must be so badly crowded, traffic must be a nightmare! I miss this high spirited Kolkata even more!How lucky are those that get to wake up to the sound of dhaak early in the morning on puja days! I feel nostalgic to even remember the smell of fresh shiuli ful, dhunuchi, shondhebelar arati and the clear blue sky with feathery white clouds strewn all over!Memories of moments celebrated with family and childhood friends will remain attached to my heart forever..Wish you all lots of happiness, fortune & love on Durga Puja! 
Found this quote on the web and loved it. Cheers to all who enjoy the spirit of Durga pujo 🙂
“Shukher sriti rekho mone, Mishe theko apon jone, Maan-abhiimaan sakol bhule, Khushir pradip rekho jele, Hajar khushi mukhe pujor dine theko Shukhe”.. 

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