Wagging tails speak volumes!

He was a cute little ball of fur snuggling in my lap during the drive back home. I remember, his beautiful blue eyes would stare at me for a tiny bit and then in no time, he would doze off to sleep! That moment of innocent stare and the warmth of his heartbeat motivated me to ask myself if P & I were responsible enough to understand his feelings and truly care for him. We knew so well, that we wanted a four pawed baby in our lives. But, there was this constant worry of whether he would like our “home” or the food we select for him or even the toys we picked or worse, even us! He didn’t even speak our language – so what about communicating with him? Anxieties, anticipation, nervousness, fear – we went through it all!

In the next few days, with his intelligent moves, S told us so much. Not a word spoken, yet the message was conveyed oh so perfectly! We learnt about his “extraordinary” sense of smell, the fact that he could do anything “crazy” for food, he could possibly chew everything under the sun, that the pillow covers/ rugs/ sofa/ cushions/papers are actually very yummy, and o we also learnt about his excitement when it comes to chasing squeaky balls or running in circles to catch his own tail!! We were so busy discovering him that we didn’t even realize how and when our anxieties and apprehensions disappeared! All we felt was pure unconditional love!
When I look at him now, I cannot convince myself to believe that he has grown up so much and so quickly. His journey from a tiny pup to a handsome doggy-boy has been invaluable to us in developing a different outlook towards life. In a way, we have begun to understand ourselves better as well. The other day, he was up to some mischief and P scolded him in a loud voice. The very next moment I saw S not only refrained from doing the wrong thing but quietly walked towards an annoyed P, licked his face and just went and sat on his lap! Looked like all he wanted to say was “Sorry, Papa”! Could Papa be any happier?!! Isn’t this incredible?
 Life is too short to hold on to your grievances, your past, and your failures. Let’s brush aside all those negative feelings and move on towards a new goal. Lets feel refreshed and happy! S and the millions in his species, is by far the one source from where true love is guaranteed! What were we worried about? Whether he likes our home/food/toys? He doesn’t care – all he needs is unadulterated love. Don’t you mess with him, because he knows who to trust! In today’s world, where majority seek their own “benefits” at the cost of “whatever it takes”, hope still remains that, at the end of the day, when you go home, someone is waiting to love you with all his life!

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