How I wish..

Been a while I found some time to blog. There are times when I feel like writing so much and sharing my thoughts, but somehow it never ends up being so.

Life is going on quite well with my mother and my inlaws visiting us for a month. Everyday I feel the need to learn so much.. know how to cook better, talk better, drive better, and at times i feel the need to be slightly strategic too.

Honestly I always dream of an ideal life. May be I’m just one of those Pisceans! But for people who dream of such a life, disappointments are inevitable.

I miss singing – how i wish i could sing well. I wish I could rewind to my childhood and be given the opportunity to learn from ma again. When didi and I were growing up, ma used to tell us to sit with her students and learn. I never felt like doing it at that time. Now, i regret. As kids, there are certain things which we should just do when told to – we should not be given a choice. I so wish I was forced to learn music. Faintly though, I still try to keep in touch by playing the keyboard.. But, thats not enough.

I miss being the nicest daughter to ma.. feel like giving the best of the world to her. She is being weakened by her health problems, by the day. She is no longer the active woman she used to be. Its her first and doctors say, probably her last international trip. I want to take her everywhere.. show her around and make her happy. Everyday I pray that she feels better.. my prayers and my love to her always.

Ma will always remain ‘the loved and adored ma’ to her daughter.. you can always be ‘like a daughter’ to someone, but never become a ‘daughter’. Mothers are special. I feel like discussing so many things with P today ..I wish we have some time in the midst of an eventful weekend!

Photo courtesy- Simon Howden


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