Pages of my diary

Have been thinking of writing for so many days now..! Finally got the chance..
Life has changed so much. My previous blog is no more.. I got into a new job.. and the best part.. I have a wonderful and caring “fiance” to look up to! Everything in life seems to have started from the beginning and I am enjoying every moment of it..o ya! 
We are sometimes so confident in ourselves about things we do.. only to realize with time, that what we did was so wrong! My life has been similar.. but I have been given a chance from “up” re-start! Its such a blessing 🙂
The weather has changed so much in the last one week – the lovely Fall colors of the leaves are no more.. and the trees are absolutely bare 😦 Pity them! they have to wait for another four months for the temperatures to rise again!
Lots more..coming up on the pages of my diary! Soon 🙂

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